Emergency Storage Program


Special storage rates have been established at Tri-State Marine to protect our customers’ boats during in-season tropical storm events. 

This program draws upon our experience with Hurricane Isabel (Sept. ’03) in which 90+ boats were safely stored at our facility. The prices below include pick up at the Deale Marina ramp on Rockhold Creek, transport to Tri-State Marine and 10 days of yard storage.

            Boats under 23’                                 $20.00 per foot

            Boats 23’ to 33’                                  $30.00 per foot

            Per diem rate for extra days        $  5.00 per day

Please call for price and availability of off-premise pick up and transport. 

In hurricane season, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Tri-State Marine’s inland storage lot is not affected by waterfront flooding.  Our experienced staff can process 100 boats in the 3-4 day  “decision window” that precedes a storm event.  Our objective is to process and protect your boat and return it as soon as possible. Please call our Service Team should you have any questions or if a storm is anticipated to schedule processing of your boat.

Storm Line:  (410) 867-1960