2020 Fishing Seminar

Saturday, March 7, 2020

9AM - 4PM


Have you been out on the bay fishing and wondered why the folks in the next boat are catching their limit and you haven't even had a bite? It could be that they took time to learn from the experts. Experts who have spent countless hours fishing the Chesapeake Bay perfecting their techniques. Experts who have searched and searched to find the perfect spots to fish. Experts who know what stage of tide and current turn the fish on. These are the experts who will share their knowledge at this year's Fishing Seminar hosted by Tri-State Marine.
This year's session features Charlie Sisson. Charlie runs his charter boat "Back Draft" out of Tracy's Creek in Deale. A well respected Charter Boat Captain with more than 30 years of experience fishing the Chesapeake Captain Charlie is an expert at trolling in the fall. He is also greatly successful at catching Spanish Mackerel during their late summer/early fall visits to the middle Chesapeake Bay. These "chrome colored speedsters" require a completely different plan of action than Rockfish. Charlie can help you enjoy the Mack Attach and put more Spaniards in the box.
Tri-State Marine has hosted fishing seminars for more than 20 years. Many attendees come back multiple years for a refresher course. Every attendee says the information learned has helped them to increase their catch and become better fishermen. If you want to improve your catch, we hope that you will join us.

Cost per angler is $30 and includes Coffee and Continental Breakfast
as well as lunch.

 Call Dawn Yoder at 410-867-2398 to make your reservation on the boat of fishing knowledge.


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