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Tri-State Marine Donates $7,100 to Maryland Veterans Trust Fund

TSM Bill Gay, TSM President John Byrnes, MD Dept Veterans Affairs, George W. Owings III & MD Veterans Trust Mark Hendricks, TSM Joe Finall USMC, Andy Kerhulas USAR Viet Nam, TSM Tim Swinburn, & TSM Ron Young

Tri-State Marine is proud
to donate $7,100
to the Maryland Veterans Trust Fund!

The MDVA is a part of the State of Maryland with the specific goal of supporting Maryland veterans and their families. This fund supports veterans who are in immediate financial trouble by covering costs such as the modifications and installation of specialized equipment (wheelchairs, etc.) not covered by insurance or the Veterans Administration. 

Tri-State Marine is honored to help our Hometown Heroes and encourages everyone to please help as well.  For more information contact the  Maryland Veterans Trust Fund.



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