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Tri-State Marine Celebrates 50th Year Anniversary!

Tri-State Marine Showroom & Service Area Today in Deale, Maryland
In 1965, Tom and Mary Beth Magenau opened a small boat and trailer shop in Deale, Maryland. Since that early start, we've long been recognized as a good neighbor in our community as well as a trusted sales and service resource to our customers.
50 years later we're still here. We have expanded into a full-service company with the largest selection of Grady-White and Parker Boats in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Five decades of integrity, professionalism and expertise has given us nationwide premier status in the boating industry. 
Tri-State Marine became a Grady-White dealer in 1976 and has earned their Admirals Sales & Service Award for the last 17 years.
Tri-State Marine became a Parker dealer in 1994 and has become one of their top dealers in Sales and Service.
Our Long-Time Crew
A rarity in today's companies, many of our employees have been with us for decades. While their long-term relationships have resulted in a family style atmosphere, there is also a successful business operation in place that can only come from years of working together side by side.
A 20-year customer, Fred O'Neal says, "I bought 6 boats from them because everyone there treats me like family!  From the boat washer to the mechanics to the guys in the service and sales department, everyone goes out of their way to take good care of me like I was their brother. I couldn't ask for a friendlier or more trustworthy place. Everyone working there is wonderful."
One of the reasons for our success has been John Byrnes, who came to us in 1992 and became president in 2005. One of John's employees, Marilyn Baker says,"John has steered our company to only selling boats that we can 100% guarantee. And the rock solid relationship he has grown with Grady-White and Parker Boats gives us inside knowledge & abilities that newer dealerships just can't get. John is always repeating, 'I don't want us to be good, I want us to be excellent. Make this excellent.'"
Capt Steve began working for us in 1972. Today he's still captaining boats for our customers on the Bay and all it's tributaries. One of Steve's long-time customers, Andy Kerhulas says, "Steve has been my teacher for over 16 years showing me how to handle all of the 5 boats I've bought from Tri-State Marine. He always gives me whatever time I need to learn how to confidently operate and maneuver my vessels. One time I was having trouble getting into my slip so he came out, diagnosed what I was doing wrong, and then taught me how to correctly turn her in. And I've never had a problem since! Steve's also one of the happiest guys in the world which makes working with him fun."  
Bill came to work for us in 1972 when he was just 19 years old and he's been here ever since.Today he's still sailing and fishing the Bay as he did as a child.  One of Bill's long-time customer, Maurice Klein says, "I've worked with Bill for just about forever and have bought 8 or more boats from him - I've lost count!  Not only is he a great guy to work with, but he knows boats inside and out so I can rely on his expertise. Bill helped me buy my first boat in 1985 and we're still working together on my most recent one. I've trusted that guy for decades to take good care of me and he's never let me down"  



Harvey came to Tri-State Marine in 1980 having been born and raised in the Boat Business. One of Harvey's long-time customers, Steve Wann says,"I've known Harvey since his first day and words can't explain the exceptional level of service he's given me through the years. One example is that we were fishing in the Florida Keys when suddenly the engine failed. So I called Harvey from the boat. He told me to take a photo of the motor and send it to him, which I did, and then he walked me through how to fix it. Soon it was running like a charm and we were back fishing!  Now that's service! Harvey's a Motor Guru."



Ron started with us in 1983 with decades of consulting experience. Today he's still an avid angler fishing on creeks, ponds, lakes, rivers, and the Bay. One of Ron's long-time customers,Dennis Kaler says,"I've known Ron for over a decade and have bought multiple boats from him. And I've also turned around and gave him those same boats to resell so I could buy new ones!  We have a great business relationship built on trust and respect. He never pushes anything but takes the time to understand what I want, and why I want it, and then he delivers it. I consider Ron to be a friend as well as dependable consultant."
Steve started working with us in 1987 as a young boater on the Bay. Today Steve still cruises the Bay in the sky and on on the water. One of Steve's long-time customers, Maynard & Sharon Negelhaut says, "We've worked with Steve for over 15 years and consider him to be an electronic genius! Steve's done so many kind favors for us, but mostly he's taken a great deal of time tutoring us and programming all of our many boats to fit our personal needs. He's so up-to-date with the latest technology that we depend on him to make things easy for us. Steve is absolutely one of the most thoughtful people we've ever known." 
Robert came to us in 1993 bringing with him decades of loving and living the boating lifestyle. Today he's still offshore and onshore fishing remembering his 126 lb. Yellowfin catch. One of Robert's long-time customers, Jack Bippus says,"I've bought 6 or 7 boats from Robert and never once did he 'sell' me. He's my boating expert who helps me understand what each boat offers so I can choose the right one for what I wanted at the time. In 20 years of doing business with Robert I've never regretted a purchase and I've always been thrilled with him and my boats!  Robert knows his stuff and is easy to work with...we really have a great relationship." 
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