Small Engine Fuels

VP Introduces SEF94 Small Engine Fuel

VP's foray into Small Engine Fuel development began in the Northeast U.S., where, like many other users of portable gas-powered tools, several Fire and Rescue units were experiencing problems with hard starts and total breakdowns of their equipment.  In these units were several people familiar with racing and VP's ability to formulate custom blends, so they sought VP's help.

Upon researching the issue, VP learned that ethanol in street gas was the primary cause of the engine failures. In response, VP's chemists set about formulating a new fuel to prevent these problems from occurring in all portable gas-powered tools. After extensive field and laboratory testing, the result was SEF94, the most reliable fuel on the market for quicker, easier starts and worry-free long-term storage.

Compare SEF with Street Gas

Issue Street Gas SEF
1.  Startability after initial fueling with proper tune
2.  Startability after continuous refueling & long term storage  
3.  No measuring or mixing of oil required for 2-cycle engines  
4.  No gumming, varnish and deposit build-up  
5.  No moisture attraction  
6.  No phase separation  
7.  Clean burn w/ low deposits in intake/exhaust/combustion chamber  
8.  Octane sufficient to prevent detonation  
9.  Oil quality  
10.  Increased power and performance - short and long term  
11.  Long term storage  
12.  Short term cost  
13.  Long term cost  

This product is used to winterize your boat. 

SEF is for use in small engines only.  It is not a street legal fuel and may not be used in motor vehicles.