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bayplate-slides-crop4Bay Plates Help the Bay!

Tri-State Marine is proud to be one of the businesses offering Plate Perks to those who want to help the Bay.  Click Here to buy your Bay Plate and show the world you care about preserving the Bay.  It's easy to do plus you get shopping discounts and parking privileges!

 Jacks_BoatThe Legacy of Boating!

Watch this video from Discover and find out why boating is right for you, your family, and your friends!




Osprey Tracking!

The Chesapeake Bay foundation has a fascinating interactive map tracking Osprey as they make their way north to our waters. This site is interesting for kids and adults alike to see just how far these fish hawks travel around the world to come to our waters in March and where they go when they leave us in September. CLICK HERE FOR THE CBF MAP

cody_(2)Half-Priced Fishing License!

All 16-year-old anglers purchasing a fishing license for the first time gets a HALF -PRICE DISCOUNT thanks to the DNR!  And the Tri-State Marine Tackle Shop is the best place to get all your licenses, bait, tackle and fishing supplies.  "Young anglers are the environmental stewards of tomorrow," Fisheries Service Director Dave Blazer said. "We are launching the 16 in 16 discount program to encourage them to engage and become committed to the future of fishing in Maryland."


Capture Find Every Vessel in the World!

This is a terrific interactive live map that gives you information on every vessel in the world!  Next time you come upon a ship and are curious about what it's doing,  just click on the map to find out the ship's type, length & breadth, draught, name, country of origin, status, speed, destination, ETA, cargo, track, itineraries history and more!




Female Crabs Need Your Help!

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources released the Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey results showing spawning-age females was 101 million which is below the target level of 215 million. Throwing female crabs back allows them to thrive and continue populating the species. Help Save the Bay and all it's magnificent plant and animal life! 


sunrise1Fun Ways to Help the Bay!

There are many worthwhile organizations that are working hard to protect our Bay.  Please consider motivating your family and friends to donate meaningful volunteer time and valuable resources to help their efforts.  Our children’s children and marine wildlife will thank you!
Maryland Sierra Club:
Save the Bay:
Waterkeepers Chesapeake:
Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center:
Chesapeake Bay Foundation:
Chesapeake Interfaith Environmental Group:
Chesapeake Bay Journal:
Chesapeake Bay Network:
Chesapeake Bay Program:
Chesapeake Bay Savers:
Chesapeake Bay Trust:
South River Federation:
West Rhode Riverkeeper: