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5 Must-Do's To Start Her Up in the Spring!



Start Her Up in the Spring &
Keep Her Running Smooth 
All Season Long!

This five point checklist will help save you from expensive repairs and a disaster on the water.  All these procedures should be done in the Spring before you launch your boat, and then periodically during your boating season.  If you have questions or concerns, contact Tri-State Marine Service Department (410) 867-1960 or Parts Department (410) 867-1447.

1.  Look At Your Basics


Give the inside of your boat a good cleaning so there is no debris that can clog the seacocks. 

Check all hoses, clamps and thru-hull fittings to make sure nothing has cracked or rusted. Test your bilge pump to make sure it is operating smoothly.  Make sure your running lights are operational and bright. Inspect your flares, life jackets, and all safety gear to ensure they are up to date and still in good working condition. 


2.  Load Test Batteries

Load_Testing_BatteryThe average marine battery usually lasts 3-4 years depending on how often you use them.  

If you have batteries that are getting close to that time frame, it's best to stay safe and replace the battery. It's crucial to make sure you always get the power you need to avoid an on-the-water outage.  

Check all electrical connections to make sure they are clean & tight. If there is corrosion, clean them with a wire brush.


3.  Replace Your Water Pump


The average water pumps usually lasts around 300 hours. It's essential that you keep track of the number of hours your engine is run so that you know the status of your pump.  

 It is critically important that your water pump be in good working condition or it will not be able to cool the engine properly and your motor may overheat. Not replacing the water pump in a timely manner can result in extensive engine damage and on-the-water breakdown.

4.  Keep Your Fuel Fresh


You should not have kept old fuel in your tank over the Winter. If you do have old fuel, run the boat to make sure there are no issues with the existing fuel before adding new fuel.

Every time you fuel your boat, a high-quality marine Fuel Stabilizer should be added. Only use the manufacturer's recommended oil as they are tested to a higher standard for outboard motor use. 

5.  Annual Service Check Up at Tri-State Marine


Many products and services are not up to the same high level standard as Tri-State Marine. The best care you can give your boat is to bring it to us for an annual checkup. 

We have been selling & servicing Yamaha outboard motors for 30 years. For 17 years we have earned the Service Excellence Award from Grady-White. Our on staff Master Technician and our certified technicians will ensure that your boat is in good working order.  For our Spring Service and 100 Hour Check, we change your oil, spark plugs, fuel filters and tank test. 

See our Service & Parts Department
Before You See the Water!


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